Excited to be Back to Work!

HAB has resumed the application of alum to White Lake!  As discussed earlier, White Lake had become a lake out of balance in recent years with algae blooms and regular reports of dead fish.  This year a fish kill started well before the alum application began.  Although the water conditions during the application remained well within the guidelines set by the State, the Division of Water Resources (DWR) decided to temporarily suspend the project while they investigated the cause of the dying fish.  HAB’s Dr. John Holz joined a team of scientists in the investigation, which considered examination of the fish and the detailed monitoring records of the lake water’s quality.  As expected, the cause of the kill was related to the extremely high and toxic pH conditions associated with the algal bloom.  In fact, the alum application process lowers the pH and will lessen the potential for additional fish impacts.  Based on this determination, the alum application was cleared and has resumed.

We understand the DWR’s careful consideration of the untimely fish kill and were happy to assist with the process.  We appreciate the strong level of cooperation among DWR, HAB and the Town of White Lake.  Restoring the health of the lake remains the top priority of all involved.  We are also grateful the overwhelming support the project has received from the local lake community!



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  1. Patty says:

    As a property lake owner for66 years, I appreciate the efforts towards restoring the lake to its former clarity. I can see the bottom step from our dock for the first time in years. Thank you.


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