From: Goldston Womble, Mayor, Town of White Lake

The Town of White Lake was notified by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) that the alum application project at White Lake has been temporarily suspended. The presence of dead fish in the lake was reported to the State on Thursday, May 3rd and State staff visited the lake today, May 7th. Their testing demonstrated that the alum application was in compliance with the conditions set forth by the State in the permit they issued for the project. Careful testing was occurring during the application (as required by the permit) to confirm alum application compliance. They are not attributing the dead fish to the alum application. However, in light of concern from the public, DEQ suspended further application while they continue to consider the matter.
White Lake has become a lake out of balance in recent years with algae blooms and regular reports of dead fish. Dead fish were observed well before the alum application began (as early as April 30th) and the majority of the fish were found outside of the alum application area. It is likely that the fish kill was coincidental with the timing of the alum application and caused by the very high pH levels resulting from the algae bloom.  

We look forward to the swift resolution of the State’s concern and for the project to resume.


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